Achieve Your Goals! – Week 3

Achieve Your Goals! – Week 3

New Years Resolutions the Library Can Help You Achieve!

Struggling to maintain your resolutions? Still trying to find the best ones for you? Want some new inspiration to keep you on track? We’re ready to help!

Over the next three weeks, we’ll share several ideas for achieving your New Year’s goals. If you haven’t set any goals yet, you may discover an idea that will spark some motivation!

Goal #3 Focus on Your Health  

That’s right! The Library CAN provide you with reliable, authoritative, and up-to-date health information and practical, hands-on activities. Plus, studies show reading can be very beneficial to your overall health by improving  productivity, imagination, and overall mental health while burning 10-20 more calories per hour than watching TV or scrolling on social media.

Our Digital Library Branch also provides access to health and wellness resources such as Medline Plus and Consumer Health Complete.

Increase your nutrition knowledge at our Homemade at HMMPL: Super Snacks event on Saturday, March 7 at @ 2 PM. For this edition of our fun food basics, we will be honoring Nutrition Month by making delicious snacks that are also on the healthy side. You will get to experiment with Smoothies, Power Balls, and other super recipes. Participants will leave with some great knowledge about nutritional values.

If increasing your physical fitness is one of your goals, our Library offers Workout Wednesdays: Essentrics with Connie every Wednesday @ 12:10 PM for adults. This drop-in class is a 45-minute, all-standing workout that draws on the flowing movements of tai chi, the strengthening theories behind ballet, and the healing principles of physiotherapy. The combination of techniques is designed to help you achieve long, lean flexible muscles and reduce pain. Registration is not required to participate, but a signed release form must be completed before the class begins.

You can sign up for more events and classes on our event calendar.

Every service we provide is created to make our patrons’ lives better, so stop in, crush your goals, and make this the best year yet!