At the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library, our mission is service. We are a link to information as well as a vehicle for continued learning. With resources on our shelves and online, we strive to connect our community to new ideas and the information they seek. We develop services and resources to inspire curiosity, advance education, and cultivate a love of reading.


Sarah Moore

Executive Director

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Mary Rueff

Assistant Director

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Kelli Brooks

Youth Department Head

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Laura Gangstad

Youth Assistant Department Head

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Joey Houston

Teen & Adult Department Head

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Patricia VanArsdale

Teen & Adult Assistant Department Head

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Julie Bigler

Circulation Department Head

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Laurie Harris

Circulation Assistant Department Head

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Sarah Childs

Technical Services Department Head

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Virginia Hilbert

Marketing Director

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We are proudly a service organization. We serve as a link to information, materials, and opportunities. By connecting our community to these resources, we enable each citizen to engage in the benefits of lifelong learning.


The public Library will be a dynamic center offering experiences, knowledge, and lifelong learning. The community will value their Library for its responsiveness, excellent services, and its responsible stewardship.


We have three primary missions. We seek to satisfy curiosity, nurture reading, and help build connections. Everything we do, we do in the hopes of strengthening our community and nurturing the love of learning.


The public Library provides high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats. We provide these materials for persons of all ages and encourage young children to develop an interest in reading and learning.

Who we are

The public Library team develops, offers, and evaluates services that support the educational, informational, and recreational interests and needs of residents and taxpayers of all ages.

What we do

The public Library is a team of people dedicated to service to residents and taxpayers in the Zionsville area communities. Team members include trustees, managers, employees, and volunteers.

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Serving Citizens Since 1896

We have a long, rich history in the Zionsville community. The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library got its start in 1896. Through our vast history, the Library has experienced many changes. We are proud members of Zionsville’s past, present, and future. See how we got our start and how the Library has grown since our beginning.

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Come Join the Fun

Interested in getting involved at the Library? We have opportunities to volunteer, help out, or support the Library. Student volunteers assist in the teen department. Adult volunteer opportunities include circulation, youth services, and teen services. We thrive with the help of volunteers and would not be able to do what we do without your support!

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