Be Inspired in 2023: Get Active!

Be Inspired in 2023: Get Active!


The start of a new calendar year is often seen as the perfect time to reflect on our personal and professional journeys and set intentions or resolutions for the coming months.  The Library is a fabulous place to start when looking for resolution resources!  In this mini blog series, we’ll highlight some resolution specific library resources to help you as you work towards your 2023 goals.


This week, we are highlighting digital resources accessible with your HMMPL library card that could help inspire you if you resolved to get more active this year!


Hoopla is a digital resource providing online access to a wide range of fitness centered videos, music to get your heart pumping, and books to explore about a variety of exercise methods.  Hoopla is accessible for free with your HMMPL library card! Try searching broader topics like fitness or exercise, or refine your search to a specific activity such as yoga, cardio, or tai chi.  Watch, listen or read directly from your mobile device, tablet or tv!

Get active with Hoopla:


Hiveclass is a digital service that offers quality sports instruction allowing young athletes to learn new skills, master unique tricks and explore different sports in bite-sized lessons.  While the content is geared towards young athletes, adults can also take advantage of Hiveclass to practice sports fundamentals, learn a new dance move or increase their strength and flexibility. The short lessons make it possible to squeeze active time into any busy schedule.  Check out their current lessons in field hockey, lacrosse, dance, soccer, fitness, self-defense, volleyball, basketball and tennis.  It’s a perfect platform to get the whole family moving!

Get active with Hiveclass:


Browse a wide range of fitness and exercise related digital magazines via Overdrive Magazines! All you need is your HMMPL library card and a device to read on!

Read up on fitness and exercise trends:

Don’t have a Library card?  Start here: