Check Out New Playaways at the Library

Check Out New Playaways at the Library

by Hillarie Finley

Thanks to a generous donor, patrons have a new way to listen to audiobooks at the Library!

What is a Playaway?

Playaways are pre-loaded audiobooks that patrons can use anywhere! Simply check out the audiobook you want with your HMMPL Library Card and plug in your headphones.

Where can you find them?

The new Playaways are in the audiovisual section near the CD audiobooks of the same category (i.e. adult fiction, teen nonfiction, tween fiction, etc.). You can also check the Evergreen catalog for certain Playaways. Simply scroll down the list when you search for titles or filter on Playaways under Digital Format.

Playaways vs. CD Audiobooks vs. Digital Audiobooks

How do Playaways differ from other audiobooks the Library offers?

Since Playaways are self-contained audiobook devices, they’re ultra-portable and convenient. Wi-Fi access is not required. Simply plug in your headphones and press Play. They also have adjustable playback speed, and since they use AAA batteries, you don’t need a charging cord.

Although we love our CD audiobook collection, CDs require users to have CD player in order to listen. Also, some CD players will start from the beginning of the disk if you need to stop for any reason, making it hard to mark your place.

Finally, digital audiobooks require a mobile device or tablet along with Wi-Fi access so they can be downloaded and played from sites like Libby and Hoopla. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the options! Choose the one that works best for your interests and needs.

As always, reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you have any questions about the new Playaways.