Customize Your Library Experience

Customize Your Library Experience

Introducing new Library card designs!

Select your favorite card design* when you sign up for a new Library card or renew your current account starting April 1.

Thank you to the Friends of the Library for generously funding these new Library card designs! Everyone who selects a new custom Library card also receives an exclusive Friends Flower Mix seed packet*.

Who Is Eligible?

Everyone in the household can receive a card, no age limits. Check out our Library Card Guide to see a list of all the various kinds of Library cards available to our patrons, along with more specific eligibility guidelines. Good news for Perry Township residents: You can now receive one Library card per household, at no cost to you!

Even if you already have a Library card at HMMPL, you are still eligible to receive a new custom Library card by exchanging your current card for a new one. This will change the barcode number on your account.

The New Designs

Exclusive to HMMPL and designed by Library staff, these cards are available to both new patrons and those who want to freshen up their card by renewing their account.

Choose your favorite card design to take home starting April 1!




How It Works

To receive one of our new Library card designs, do one of the following:

  • Sign up for a new card at home using our Get a Card form online, then stop by the 1st floor Circulation Desk inside the Library to pick up your card.
  • Sign up for a new card by stopping at one of our Circulation Desks inside the Library. (Adults, be sure to bring a photo ID and street address. Minors need a parent or legal guardian present.)
  • Renew your current card by stopping at one of our Circulation Desks inside the Library.
  • Don’t forget your exclusive Friends Flower Mix seed packet!

Stop by the Library starting April 1 to take home your own new Library card!

*New design Library cards and Friends Flower Mix seed packets are available while supplies last.