Digital Service of the Month: ArtistWorks

Digital Service of the Month: ArtistWorks

Our Digital Library Branch offers dozens of online resources, most accessible 24/7 from anywhere on a mobile device, tablet or laptop. In our Digital Service of the Month feature, we’re highlighting these services to help Library cardholders learn more about what’s available. For July, we’re spotlighting ArtistWorks, online music lessons from master musicians.

ArtistWorks offers video lessons on dozens of instruments and styles, including courses on piano, string, wind, brass and percussion instruments, plus vocals and music theory. Whether you’re just starting out or interested in improving your skills, you’ll get the help you need with ArtistWorks’ step-by-step instruction from some of the world’s most sought-after musicians and teachers.

Use this free service by logging into Libby with your HMMPL Library Card and PIN. Once you’re logged in, access ArtistWorks by clicking on the Libby Extras section on the homepage or going directly to Extras through the link on our Digital Library Branch. From there, you’ll choose a teacher who offers the lessons you’re interested in. Most teachers offer courses for beginners and intermediate users. The courses include each teacher’s most important concepts of their area of mastery and contain several video lessons using multiple camera angles and slow motion.

Each course offers a helpful search feature so you can find videos specific to your needs, though ArtistWorks recommends starting at the beginning and working through all the videos regardless of your skill level. Each video also offers a transcript if you’d like to read along as you watch or refer back to it later.

Log into Libby from our Digital Library or the Libby app to get started with Artistworks today!