Dive Into History

Genealogy resources connect people to the past. In a continued effort to preserve the history of Boone County, we’re partnering with The SullivanMunce Cultural Center. We aim to further serve our community with this partnership by giving access and understanding of genealogy. The center collects genealogy information and we make part of that collection available through the Evergreen Indiana Open Source Catalog. Explore your Boone County roots with the Genealogy Library!

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Research your Roots

The Evergreen Indiana project gathers collections, artifacts, and historical information from across the state. Library members can access these resources through the Evergreen Indiana Open Source Catalog. Learn about your history and culture with the online database.

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Research Local Family Histories

Learn Something New

The Genealogy Library collects, preserves, and publishes genealogical information. These resources aid those exploring their roots in Boone County and beyond. The museum and Library are important repositories of the heritage of Zionsville, Boone County, and Indiana. Exhibits, lectures, classes, and special events contribute to the realization of raising awareness of the history and culture of our area.

​Through a partnership with the Center and Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library, part of this Genealogy Library is available to you!

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