Free Access to Consumer Reports with your HMMPL card!

Free Access to Consumer Reports with your HMMPL card!

Considering a big purchase?  Maybe you’re on the hunt for an updated appliance for your home or a new car? Let the Library help you!  Take advantage of FREE access to Consumer Reports via your HMMPL library card!  Membership to Consumer Reports normally costs around $40 per year, but with your library card you can read articles, ratings and full reviews on products and services 24/7 online for free.

HMMPL cardholder, Julie, shares her experience using Consumer Reports:

When I was mattress shopping last year, I remembered that my library card gives me access to Consumer Reports online!  I loved being able to look at all the reviews Consumer Reports provided.  It was great to see side-by-side comparisons of various mattress companies and even different mattresses within the same company.  The user ratings were also incredibly helpful, as I could find reviews from people who were having the same sleep issues as I was (side vs back sleeping, too hot vs too cold, etc).  The buying guide also helped me understand the different kinds of mattresses on the market so I could find the one that was just right for me, which I did!

Glad we could help you research your purchase, Julie! 😊 If you’re interested in browsing Consumer Reports, simply click the Consumer Reports link and enter your HMMPL library card number to get started!

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