Free Health Resources

Free Health Resources

National Health Literacy Month at Your Library

Health information is best when it is up-to-date.  Books are great resources for detailed explanations, but the internet can help us with quick, timely facts.  The amount of information on the internet is overwhelming, so how can we know what we find is trustworthy?

To help you with your search, we have three great, reliable resources available through our Digital Library Branch.

Consumer Health Complete allows you to search Evidence-Based Reports, Fact Sheets & Pamphlets, News and Magazine articles, Images and Diagrams, as well as other popular reference sources.  You’ll discover content covering key areas of health and wellness, including mainstream, complementary, holistic, and integrated medicine.

Health and Wellness Resource Center offers access to full-text medical journals, magazines, reference works, and videos. Perfect for anyone searching for health information, it includes current disease and disorder information and alternative medical practices.

Medline Plus includes information from the National Institutes of Health.  Using language everyone can understand, they provide information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues.  You can also learn about new treatment options, drug and supplement facts, medical term definitions, or view health videos and illustrations.

The next time you are looking for reliable health information, turn to our Digital Library Branch to find these three helpful resources.

Still need information? Our Reference Librarians are ready to help, give us a call at 317-873-8341, send us an email, or drop by the Library.