Lit List for Young Readers: 2020 Graphic Novels

Lit List for Young Readers: 2020 Graphic Novels

2020 Graphic Novels for Elementary Grades

curated by Miss Robyn, Youth Services Librarian

Welcome to the second installment of our weekly blog series, Lit Lists for Young Readers, where your Youth Librarians cultivate some fresh reads for your kiddos to dig in to! These brief lists highlight a variety of topics with titles available through our online Evergreen catalog. Click the link and you’ll be able to place a hold on the titles right away with your Library card. Check out one or all of them!

This week, let’s dive in to our newest graphic novels for elementary grades! Whether your child enjoys fiction or non-fiction, we have something for everyone!

Not only fun to read, graphic novels also provide a variety of benefits for all reading levels—from reluctant to advanced. For struggling or new readers, the illustrations in graphic novels often provide clues to the meaning of the written narrative.  This allows students to potentially read above their reading level and develop the necessary skills to move on to more challenging text. Graphic novels often contain more advanced vocabulary than traditional books, address difficult issues and explore complex plots which appeal to stronger readers.

Don’t shy away from the benefits of a good graphic novel!