Mamava Lactation Station

Mamava Lactation Station

The Library is a super popular location for moms and caregivers of young children, attending baby, toddler or preschool storytimes, taking a play break in Exploration Station, or browsing the shelves for a new stack of picture or board books!  As such a destination, we wanted to make sure our nursing moms have a comfortable, easily accessible, private space to pump or feed while visiting the Library.  Enter the Mamava lactation station!

What is the Mamava?  The Mamava is a freestanding lactation space providing a quiet, private area for nursing or pumping moms to feed or pump while at the Library.

Where is the Mamava located?  The Library’s Mamava lactation station is located in our Youth Services department just outside of the Mayfield rooms (where most storytimes are held) and near the restroom.  Look for the colorful scene of sunshine, clouds and trees that decorate the exterior of the pod!

How do I access the Mamava?  Downloading the Mamava app, available in the App Store and on Google Play, allows for quick, keyless entry in to the space.  The door code can also be retrieved from the Youth Services reference desk.

What is inside the Mamava?   Once inside, you will find space enough for an adult and one or two small children.  There are lights, benches for seating, vents and fans to circulate air, and an outlet to plug in your pump, if needed.

Huge thanks to the HMMPL Foundation for providing funding for the Library’s Mamava!