No Overdue Fines

No Overdue Fines

Did you know the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library is currently overdue fine free?  We are!


Borrowed items still should be returned to the Library in a timely manner.  But, if something is a little late, you are not charged any overdue fines.  Don’t forget, though, others may be waiting on you to return your items so they can use them.

If an item is overdue 28 days past its last due date, the Evergreen Indiana system assumes it is lost and the full cost of the item is charged to your account.*  Accounts with lost item fees and other bills may not be able to borrow materials and may be referred to a collections agency.  When “lost” items are returned, the lost item bills are removed.  However, due to the expense the Library incurs when referring accounts to collections, the collection fees may remain on the account.


If overdue fees were blocking you from using your account, these have been forgiven!  This is true for both active and expired accounts.  We want to make it easy for you to start using the Library’s resources today.

Now everyone in your family can have their own Library card – there’s no minimum or maximum age – from birth to 100+ are welcome!  Register for your own Library card or contact us to update or reactivate your account.

Remember, this only applies to overdue fines from HMMPL.  Any fines or fees accrued at other Evergreen Indiana libraries will remain until paid.


Right now, anything you borrow from the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will remain fine-free.  We are also offering automatic renewals on most items, giving you the maximum amount of time to enjoy them.

We hope this new feature will make using the Library and our many resources easier!



Damage fees vary by item and extent of damage.  Lost fees will be charged on most items after they are 28-days overdue.  Exceptions include borrowed equipment and museum passes; these items will be considered lost after they are 7-days overdue.  All lost and damaged items may also be subject to a processing fee.

Contact the Circulation desk to resolve lost and damaged item fees.