November Meeting Recap

November Meeting Recap

The HMMPL Worth Branch Advisory Group met via Zoom at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020. Those present included: Ken Newell, Sharon Walker, Jim Baldwin, Lisa Voorhees, Julie Whitman, Molly Hanlon, Sandy Sifferlen, Sarah Moore, Virginia Hilbert, Kim Donovan, Tammy Kelly, Virginia Hilbert and Melissa Chrisman.


Agenda items:

The main agenda items for the evening were findings from the first round of community input and the potential site location for the new branch in Worth Township.


Community Input Findings:

Kim Donovan of KD Marketing Research conducted the first phase of community input regarding the new branch. Research included one-hour, one-on-one interviews with the newly appointed advisory group members as well as a week-long community bulletin board session available to Worth Township residents. Ms. Donovan summarized the findings and presented them to the group. Overall, the new library branch suggestions reflected the community demographics and values.


Key findings included:

  • Both young and old participants yearn for personal connections and identified a need for more activities and events that can be shared by all in an effort to build a community.
  • Participants see the new library branch with the potential to become the community’s “heart.”
  • Location preferences varied. Many preferred the Legacy Core/Old Town area while others preferred the Main Street/Albert S. White area.
  • Regarding location, participants want a central location with easy access, close to rail trail, sidewalks, etc. with the ability to walk or ride bikes to the library.
  • Participants want the location to include new modern amenities, yet also retain the area’s rural, old-school charm.
  • Participants want local history to be incorporated. They also want programs and services designed to meet all ages and life stages, and offered at times that working families can enjoy.
  • Participants expressed a desire for outdoor space as well as indoor spaces designed to allow for hosting of cultural events.


Potential Location:

Tammy Kelly, a commercial Realtor for Remax in Lebanon, Indiana, was selected to assist with securing a site for the new branch. Tammy has been contacting area developers, Whitestown town management, and private landholders to determine sites that would meet branch building needs. Based on community input so far, those needs include a central location within Worth Township, easy accessibility and a size of 5-10 acres.

Ms. Kelly presented several possible sites, along with costs (when known).  The advisory group discussed potential benefits of each and provided recommendations to further investigate locations in the Main/Albert S.White and Legacy Core areas. The group will discuss developments at the next meeting, and hopes to have a site officially selected by early 2021.


Other discussion topics:


  • Bookmobile: A new bookmobile has been purchased by the Library and is expected to be in operation by mid-2021. The bookmobile will be a great tool for library programming and will be a wonderful bridge to service until the branch is officially open. It will go back and forth between branches and will share collections.
  • Worth outreach: The HMMPL marketing team participated in several local events in an effort to get plugged into the community. Their most recent outing at the Whitestown Trick or Trail event was a great success. The team distributed more than 850 treats along with library information. More than 420 Worth Township residents have received Library cards since August 12, 2020. Online card registration is available through the library’s website.
  • Perry Township: HMMPL Board Member Molly Hanlon noted that the library is currently talking to the Town of Zionsville regarding expanding service to Perry Township, but that timing is yet unknown.