Romp and Stomp: Folk Style

Romp and Stomp: Folk Style

It’s not always quiet at the Library

Every now and again, a musical commotion erupts downstairs at the Library. Our Romp and Stomp program exposes littles to all kinds of children’s music from Rock ‘n Roll to Classical to Hip Hop.

Recently, Miss Becky and Miss Kelli shared their favorite Folk music, where kiddos jumped in hula hoops, wrapped loveys up in a blanket, played with the parachute, and even learned how to yodel! Seriously, where else can kids learn how to yodel while singing great songs like “Echo” by The Okee Dokee Brothers? 

I came across a valley
With a wide mountain view
And saying out your name
With the yoda-loda-le-hi-hu

I’m in love with you

You know, love is like an echo
If it’s pure and it’s true
And sing it out to the world
And it’ll come back to you

All Romp and Stomp music is available to check out from the Library. Or, you can also listen to the Spotify playlist for the Folk Romp and Stomp here.

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