Seed Library – It’s Not Too Late to Grow

Seed Library – It’s Not Too Late to Grow

Our recently debuted Seed Library is so much more than free seeds.  It allows everyone a chance to experiment and learn to garden, one of the most popular hobbies of 2020.  With a grant from the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library Foundation, along with a generous seed donation from the Boone County Master Gardeners, Hamilton East Public Library, True Leaf Market, and local seed savers, the first 30 days have been a huge success.  With nearly 3500 seed packets selected by residents, staff were astonished with the popularity of this project.  Our Library still has a robust selection of seeds that range from flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

While a number of plants cannot stand the heat of the summer, there are a few which do well to start in July, still resulting in a harvest prior to the first frost.

  • Be sure to pick up some dill, cilantro, and basil from our herb selection. These items can be planted directly in the ground in July.
  • Carrots, radishes, and turnips can also take the heat, but be sure to loosen our tough Indiana soil to allow the crops to grow into the ground, or plant them in raised beds.
  • If you have some space, you can also give pumpkins, squash, and zucchini a try.
  • Kale is also a great item to plant in July.
  • Lettuces are also great for continual planting and do well in containers, but do not do well in the heat, but are great to plant in late July or early September.

If you are looking for a bit more detail on fall gardening, check out the Fall Vegetable Garden publication from the Purdue Extension.  Our Seed Library received a late launch in 2021, but staff are taking notes and suggestions with big plans for the 2022 Seed Library.