Staff Introductions: Amany Michael, Bookkeeper

Staff Introductions: Amany Michael, Bookkeeper

Get to know the HMMPL staff! Each week, we’re featuring one of our amazing staff members. This week, meet Amany Michael, a bookkeeper on the administrative team. Here are a few fun facts about her.

Hobbies: Reading, walking

Favorite Book Genre: Fiction

Favorite Movie/Song/Video Game: The Lake House movie because it makes you wonder if this could really happen and makes you think about possibilities as I like movies that have new ideas.

Years at HMMPL: 1.5

Favorite part of working at the Library: Seeing children every day reading, playing and having fun.

Favorite Snack: Chocolate

Where will patrons find you at the Library: I’m usually on the administrative floor of the Library, but occasionally you might see me in one of the public areas.