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Staff Reads: Americanized

Staff Reads: Americanized

Americanized: A Rebel without a Green Card by Sara Saedi

Reviewed by Shelby Couch, Teen and Adult Librarian

Sara Saedi bares her teenage soul to every reader in her book Americanized: A Rebel without a Green Card.  She gives the reader a true picture of what it is like to be an immigrant from Iran in the US and how truly difficult, costly, and terrifying it can be to try to obtain a green card and become a legal citizen. You’ll learn about general Iranian culture, historical information, and even some things about yourself.

This book blends humor with raw emotion and at the end, you come out of it realizing that Sara experienced many things we all did at that age (or might be experiencing now). This is a rare find of a book that will have you cracking up at all of the pop culture references one minute and then analyzing your life choices the next. This book is an amazing autobiographical read for anyone Teen and up. Just be aware that it does also have some serious content and should not be taken lightly. You can check out the book in print or in eBook format.

Shelby recently interviewed the author, Sara Saedi, about her experiences. Check out the video here!