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Staff Reads: Cat’s Cafe

Staff Reads: Cat’s Cafe

Cat’s Café by Matt Tarpley

Reviewed by Miss Kelli, Youth Services Librarian

Are you interested in a new coffee joint, full of regulars who lift your spirits with their sweet interactions and total acceptance? Head over to Hoopla and check out Cat’s Café, a graphic novel slash mental health pick-me-up that is full of uplifting and cheery animal friends who support each other through life’s challenges.

Cat owns Cat’s Café and serves his neighbors with all the cups of joe they could ever want–and Penguin always wants more! Author/illustrator Matt Tarpley fleshes out the unique personalities of each character–everyone is dealing with something. Rabbit works through his anxiety as a barista-in-training. Snake battles depression. Penguin thrives on caffeine and more of most everything. Kiwi is high energy and always on the run.  Platypus is the postman and makes his rounds through the forest delivering words of wisdom.

This collection tells a lovely story of community through happy and colorful cartoons. Artwork varies from multiple panels that tell a mini story to single pages reminiscent of a daily calendar that you want to tear off and hang on the fridge.

Appropriate for elementary ages and up.

Read it on Hoopla. Also, you can follow @catscafecomics on Instagram.