Staff Reads: Cooks Country Cookbooks

Staff Reads: Cooks Country Cookbooks

by Annette Knox

I like Cookbooks.

Actually, I like reading cookbooks and trying out new recipes in my mind, as much as cooking from them.  But when I find a new recipe I want to try, I want all the ingredients to be listed, the directions to be perfectly clear, and the results tasty and as expected.

I can be confident that the recipe and results have been tested many times over if I choose a recipe from Cook’s Country’s spectrum of books and magazines.

Cook’s Country’s recipes are culled from recipes that are handed down, printed in community cookbooks, spread via internet blogs or by word of mouth, and brought to their test kitchens to test over and over and—possibly—improve.

Be prepared: this is real, “from scratch” cooking, not open a box and a can and mix. But neither are they complicated recipes that require specialized ingredients. They are mostly comfort-food, home-style, regional recipes, often with how-tos, histories, and beautiful photographs alongside, for additional inspiration.

If you have not looked at the Library’s selection of Cook’s Country, America’s Test Kitchen, or Cook’s Illustrated books and magazines (all of a similar style), please do yourself a favor and check them out.  Be prepared. The Holidays are coming.