Staff Reads: New Middle Grade Books by Local Authors!

Staff Reads: New Middle Grade Books by Local Authors!

Reviewed by Miss Becky and Miss Julie, Youth Services Librarians

Glitch by local author, Laura Martin

Glitch is a fast paced, action packed middle grade book that blends science fiction and historical fiction to create quite the time travel adventure!

A specific gene is present in some people, called Glitchers, allowing them to slip in and out of time.  These Glitchers are specially trained at an academy to keep an eye on time and prevent anyone from attempting to mess with the past.  12 year old Regan is an intuitive Glitcher and daughter of the Glitch Academy’s commander.  Elliot is her nemesis who also happens to be at the top of the class at the Academy.  When a dire, yet cryptic message from future Regan appears, the unlikely pair must work together, breaking the rules of time travel to solve the message’s clues and prevent an epic disaster!

Laura Martin’s books are solid go-to recommendations for us!  Her titles appeal to both boys and girls, are funny, full of action and keep you super engaged.  Glitch is no exception and, bonus, lights a spark for additional learning about the historical events that take place in the book!  Check out Glitch today!

Other books by Laura Martin – Edge of Extinction: The Ark Plan, Edge of Extinction: Code Name Flood, Float, Hoax for Hire

Wink by local author, Rob Harrel

Wink is an illustrated middle-grade novel combining considerable text with hilarious graphics interspersed throughout the book—the result is a book that both kids and parents will love.  The text and illustrations work together to create a touching and funny story about a seriously heavy topic.

Ross is a 7th grader trying to navigate the awkwardness of middle school when he learns that he has a rare eye cancer, which as it turns out, can actually make middle school even more awkward. Ross’ journey with eye cancer isn’t easy—there is weird goop, crusty eyes, and so many other embarrassing things; but he keeps moving forward, finds out who his real friends are, and meets some interesting characters along the way.

This book is real, relatable and just plain funny!  It would make a great book for discussion because there are so many different themes.  We can’t wait to get Wink into the hands of kids all over Zionsville!

Other books by Rob Harrell – Monster on the Hill, Life of Zarf Series