Staff Reads: The Sound of Light

Staff Reads: The Sound of Light

The Sound of Light by Sarah Sundin
Reviewed by Mary Miller, Circulation Assistant

I recently read The Sound of Light by Sarah Sundin, which takes place in Denmark at the start of the Second World War. The novel centers around two main characters:

Else Jensen, an American physicist working in a research lab in Copenhagen who is dedicated to remaining in the country to complete her work despite the Nazi threat and the difficulties of working for a misogynistic lab supervisor. The second Henrik Ahlfeldt, a Danish Baron who slips into a rough underground persona to work with the Danish resistance, as a worker in a shipyard owned by his father. Henrik has some unresolved issues with his father, a difficult man who has seemingly unachievable expectations for his son, and who appears to be collaborating with the Nazis.

This book is enjoyable because these characters have both hearts and brains, and use them in concert to live courageously in a dangerous time. In the end, both Else and Henrik will learn that appearances can be deceiving.

This book is the third in a series, though it doesn’t seem strictly necessary to read the first and second book before this one. However, I will be reading the first book soon. You can get The Sound of Light at the library in print or as an audiobook or eBook on Libby or Hoopla.