TumbleBooks of the Day

TumbleBooks of the Day

Many of our patrons with children may be familiar with a service the Library offers called TumbleBooks, accessible in the library on our children’s computers and from home with your library card via the children’s section of our website.  Tumblebooks is an online collection of children’s books that are read TO your child.  Many of the picture books are animated, have sounds and music making them very engaging to younger listeners and readers.  The longer chapter books are simply narrated to your child similar to an audiobook, but with the experience of following along the text with the narration.

The Indiana State Library recently released the following announcement regarding a brand new joint venture between TumbleBookLibrary and the Indiana State Library:

“TumbleBookLibrary is pleased to announce the launch of TumbleBooks of the Day, a joint project between TumbleBookLibrary and the Indiana State Library. The project provides free daily content for families, schools and public libraries in order to promote literacy and a love of reading.

In addition to Book of the Day, Math Book of the Day, Game of the Day and Spanish Book of the Day, all in the TumbleBook format, TumbleBooks of the Day also includes a Fun Fact of the Day, specially customized for each state.

Content changes every single day and TumbleBookLibrary encourages users to login on a regular basis in order to discover the amazing books which await them.”

Isn’t that exciting?  What a fun way to give your child’s screen time some early literacy and educational purpose!

Check out our TumbleBooks service or the new TumbleBooks of the Day and let us know what you think!