Watch it Grow!

Watch it Grow!

Spring Reading Challenge

Springtime is a time of growth and new life! Let’s celebrate the budding spring season and our Library community with a Spring Reading Challenge! Record minutes, collect Plant Badges and earn tickets to use toward future prizes!

Can you earn a Pumpkin BADGE?

Register for the Watch It Grow! reading challenge and read 30 minutes to earn a point. When you get 5 points, you earn a badge. Each badge highlights a different plant or produce. Your reading progress will help us fill our Virtual Garden with a variety of beautiful living things.

Earn Prize Tickets

A ticket will be earned when you complete 50 points to be used toward a prize. Tickets can also be earned by doing activities. If you check out our our Digital Library page, you’ll not only learn about our many new streaming services, but you’ll also earn points! Write in the activity box what you observed or think about the services you discover.

When you get 50 points, or 10 badges (25 hours), you have completed the program and will receive a Pumpkin Badge. You’ll also earn tickets to use toward future prizes!

Let’s Grow!

Completing this challenge will bring an opportunity to grow in knowledge while also having fun.

Ready, set, bloom!