Digital Service of the Month: Hiveclass

Digital Service of the Month: Hiveclass

Our Digital Library Branch offers dozens of online resources, most accessible 24/7 from anywhere on a mobile device, tablet or laptop. In our Digital Service of the Month feature, we’re highlighting these services to help Library cardholders learn more about what’s available. For October, we’re spotlighting Hiveclass, the youth athletics training platform.

Hiveclass is a Digital Encyclopedia for youth sports training, dedicated to transforming passive scrolling into Active Screentime. Hiveclass offers quality sports instruction that allows young athletes to learn new skills, master unique tricks and explore different sports in bite-sized lessons.

Currently, Hiveclass offers instructional videos in field hockey, lacrosse, dance, soccer, fitness, self-defense, volleyball, basketball and tennis. Hiveclass also updates their offerings and adds new videos and new sports all the time! And their content is available in both Spanish and English.

While the content is geared towards young athletes, adults can also take advantage of Hiveclass to practice sports fundamentals, learn a new dance move or increase their strength and flexibility. The short lessons make it possible to squeeze active time into any busy schedule.

Finally, Hiveclass offers a Reading Hive filled with book recommendations for kids, teens and young adults based on each sport Hiveclass covers.

Hiveclass can be accessed on any device and offers unlimited access to their online resources for all HMMPL cardholders! Launch Hiveclass from our Digital Branch, and use your Library Card number and email to set up an account today.