Digital Service of the Month: ScienceFlix, TrueFlix & BookFlix

Digital Service of the Month: ScienceFlix, TrueFlix & BookFlix

Our Digital Library Branch offers dozens of online resources, including downloadable and streaming media, online newspapers and magazines, resources for health and home, services for readers and many other reference resources. Each month, we’ll feature one of those digital services to help you learn more about what’s available.

This month, we’re highlighting ScienceFlix, TrueFlix and BookFlix. This trio of online services offer a host of entertainment and learning resources for children.

  • ScienceFlix offers more than 20,000 science-related assets including read-alouds, videos, experiments, science news, and much more.
  • TrueFlix includes engaging subject-area content in science & social studies for Grades 3 – 6 to help students hone literacy skills and bolster their understanding of crucial subjects.
  • BookFlix pairs interactive, fictional video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks.

HMMPL patrons can enjoy unlimited access to these services anywhere, on any device! Just start at our Digital Library page and enter your Library Card number to take advantage of these free resources.

During our September Reading Challenge, “NASA’s Artemis Project: To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond!” children might especially enjoy these space-themed options:

  • Watch videos about space exploration and planets on ScienceFlix
  • Read about stars and galaxies on TrueFlix
  • Watch an animated version of Stars, Stars, Stars by Bob Barner and read an online version of the book Looking Through a Telescope by Linda Bullock on BookFlix

Check out these services today by visiting our Digital Library Branch. Select the Search Alphabetically button to easily locate each one.