Secret Snowflake Shop

Secret Snowflake Shop

Registration Tips for Parents & Guardians

What’s the Secret Snowflake Shop?

The Friends of the Library will offer their 6th Annual Secret Snowflake Shop, a wonderful, magical place where children can – all on their own – purchase holiday gifts for the significant adults and friends in their lives:  parents, grandparents, teachers, daycare providers, siblings of all ages, friends, and pets.

Children may Shop:



Saturday, December 7 @ 10 AM – 4 PM

Sunday, December 8 @ 1:30 – 4:30 PM

All gifts cost $3 and wrapping is included.

You provide a SHOPPING LIST with the names of the people and pets for whom your child will be shopping.  Please include the age of each person on the list so appropriate gifts may be selected. Our FRIENDS will prepare your child’s shopping list in advance.  If you have changes after registration, no worries; just let us know when you arrive to shop.

Completing the Registration Form:

Registration is required and each child in your family or group must be registered individually.  Visit the Library’s event calendar. Select the day you wish to attend, then scroll down to an available 30-minute shopping time to register your child or children. (See Steps 1 – 4 in the photo tutorial below.)

Be prepared to answer the following questions when you register EACH child. (See Steps 5 – 8 in the photo tutorial below.)

Registration Questions:

  • First Name:  (Child’s First Name)
  • Last Name:  (Child’s Last Name)
  • Phone:  (Contact #)
  • Email:
  • Choose the age of your child (3-12 years)
  • Shopping List (TO: Name/Age Group), Enter details.  Example:  To:  Aunt Laura/Adult; To: Sarah/Teen
  • Preferred FIRST Name of Child Shopping (Yes, we do need the child’s first name again to properly generate the shopping list your child will use during the event.)

In the following categories, please enter the number of gifts/people for whom your child will shop.

  • 4. # of gifts for Female Adults 18 yrs.+: # (0-10)
  • 5. # of gifts for Male Adult 18 yrs.+: # (0-10)
  • 6. # of gifts for Girl 3-17 yrs.: # (0-10)
  • 7. # of gifts for Boy 3-17 yrs.: # (0-10)
  • 8 # of gifts for Child up to 3 yrs. old: # (0-10)
  • 9. # of gifts for Dog: # (0-10)
  • 10. # of gifts for Cat: # (0-10)

Please remember that you can only sign up for one shopping time per child.

Step-By-Step Photo Tutorial

We look forward to seeing you and your children at our Secret Snowflake Shop December 7 & 8!