10 to Try Book Challenge

10 to Try Book Challenge

Here is an extra way to get points for Summer Reading! Have you checked out all of the activity badges in Summer Reading 2021: Tales and Tails yet? If you haven’t, you should!

The 10 To Try Challenge is a great activity to help you find new ways to read this summer. In this challenge badge, every reader has the chance to read from 10 different categories of books. Every time you read from one of those categories, you get an extra point towards tickets for summer reading prizes!

All of the categories are broad enough that every age group can find something to read that falls within those categories. For example, one of the categories is Food. That could be a murder mystery book involving food, a cook book, a nutrition book, or an audiobook about a main character who loves food. The options are limitless!

To start the challenge, log in to your Beanstack account and click on the “Summer Reading Challenge.” Then click on the “Badges” tab. Underneath that will be all of the types of badges, including Activity Badges. The 10 To Try Challenge will be one of those badges. You will see it in grey until you log some books into it. When you finish 8 out of the 10 categories, it will become colorful as a completed badge!

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