Children’s Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Children’s Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th through October 15th. Celebrate Hispanic voices with these children’s books!


Picture Books:


My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero

Daisy Ramona likes to zoom around her community with her Papi on his motorcycle, and in this book, she gives the reader a tour of the city. While some places are the same as she’s always known them, there are other places that have changed a lot.



I Love You Baby Burrito by Angela Dominguez

Two new parents bring their baby home for the first time, swaddling the newborn like a little baby burrito. 




A Sled for Gabo by Emma Otheguy

Gabo is new to his town, and he’s never seen snow before. He sees other kids sliding down the hill, but he doesn’t have a sled! His new neighbors, however, help him out so he can sled too.




Salsa Lullaby by Jen Arena

With the help of some music and dancing, parents put their daughter to sleep in this bilingual lullaby. 





Chapter Books:


Each Tiny Spark by Pablo Cartaya

When Emilia’s dad returns from deployment, she expects that her family will become whole again. However, her dad spends all of his time working on an old car in their family’s auto shop. As she begins to work on the car with him, she sees flickers of the father she remembers.




Efren Divided by Ernesto Cisneros

Efren was born in America, but he constantly worries about his parents, who are undocumented. When his mother is deported, he has to stay strong to try and reunite his family.





Mananaland by Pam Munoz Ryan

Max loves the stories that Buelo tells him about the legend of a mythical gatekeeper that guides travelers into tomorrow. He sets out on a quest to find out what tomorrow will bring, with Buelo’s legend as his guide. 





Stef Soto: Taco Queen by Jennifer Torres

At school, Stef Soto is known as the Taco Queen because of her family’s taco truck. All she wants is to leave her nickname behind, but when her family business is threatened, it seems as though her wish may come true. 





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