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More services, more convenience, stronger community

As our community continues to grow, so does the need for Library service. In August of 2020, HMMPL formally expanded our service area to include residents in neighboring Worth Township. Residents can now get a Library card and take full advantage of the many great programs and services HMMPL has to offer.

Plans are also underway to build a new branch in the area, which will provide more capacity for programming and services, as well as added meeting rooms, study rooms and space for public use. It’s an important process that involves research, planning and support from community leaders and residents. To help guide us, a Worth Township Advisory Group has been formed to ensure the needs of the community are met. Along the way, we’ll also be asking for community input through surveys and neighborhood meetings.

Our goal is to build a branch that will meet the needs of a growing community well into the future. Be sure to check back for updates on our progress and how you can get involved!

Library expansion timeline.

Expansion News


Why is HMMPL expanding?

Our community is growing. When HMMPL held community conversations in 2019 to help form our most recent strategic plan, residents voiced a clear demand for Library services in the western portion of our service area. At that time, HMMPL served only Eagle and Union Townships, leaving many residents in the western part of Zionsville and neighboring Whitestown without access to library services. HMMPL Board members began discussing how to meet the needs of unserved residents, which included implementing contractual bookmobile service within Perry and Worth Townships sometime in 2021. The goal was to provide increased access in the short term, while preparing for a new branch in the longer term. Planning was accelerated in June 2020 when HMMPL board members and staff attended a Worth Township Advisory Board meeting where residents expressed a strong sentiment to move forward with a library branch as soon as possible. The Worth Township Advisory Board accepted Hussey-Mayfield’s service proposal July 21 and took a final vote on the full resolution August 10, 2020. The plan calls for HMMPL to provide permanent Library services to all township residents and build a branch in the area.

What are the benefits of a new branch?

Expanding our services will strengthen our entire community. Studies show that students with access to a local library excel academically. Plus, our new Worth Township branch will provide added space for public use, like meeting and study rooms, as well as more capacity for programming and services. This branch will be accessible to ALL of our cardholders, many of whom might find it conveniently located near popular shopping centers, schools, and their daily commute.

What about residents in Perry Township?

HMMPL hopes to expand our service area to include Perry Township residents in the future. Currently, each resident is able to enjoy full library services by purchasing a discounted Library card. Please contact our Circulation staff at 317-873-8340 for more information.

What is the timeline for expanding service?

Worth Township has been officially added to the HMMPL service area and residents may obtain a Library card and begin using all of the existing Library services. A new book drop in Worth Township and bookmobile services could begin as soon as mid-2021. The process to build a new branch in Worth Township is now underway with plans to open by winter 2022/2023. A Worth Township Advisory group, comprised of local residents, has been formed to help provide direction and to determine needs and timing. For updates on our branch, click here.

How big will the new branch be?

The branch will be a full-service branch with added options depending on the size and needs expressed by the community. The one-story building will be nearly 25,000 square feet.

How much will the new branch cost?

We are currently working with the Worth Branch Advisory Group, comprised of area residents and Library Board members, to determine branch features which will determine the final cost. A new branch will create additional staffing and operating cost.  Therefore, the size of the branch will dictate the estimated cost of the expansion.  Using the building size options listed below, you can see the associated cost comparisons.

The Library and Board are committed to providing the same outstanding Library services that it currently offers Library district taxpayers. General cost fund estimates, estimated levies, and estimated tax rates are listed in the table below. General fund costs are the operational costs of the Library, like personnel, supplies, and materials.

20,000 SF Building 30,000 SF Building
Potential General Fund Cost $550,0001 $820,0002
Estimated General Fund Levy $1,582,9131 $1,792,9132
Estimated General Fund Tax Rate3 $0.04651 $0.05272
Estimated Debt Service Tax Rate4 $0.01591 $0.01592
Estimated Total Tax Rate $0.06241 $0.06862



1 Cost of a Library that is approximately 20,000 square feet.

2 Cost of a Library that is approximately 30,000 square feet.

3 Tax rate is derived from dividing that levy by the proposed expanded net assessed value and multiplied by 100.

4 The 2020 debt service rate of the Library is estimated to fund approximately between a $6 and $8 million debt issuance.

How will this new branch affect my taxes?

Worth Township property owners will see a tax rate of $0.0554 to $0.0686 per $100 of adjusted assessed value for Library services. The final rate will be determined by the size of the Library branch selected. The mid-range rate of 0.0686 would translate into a $61.01* annual Library tax for those with a $200,000 home.

Property owners in Eagle and Union Townships will not see any changes to their taxes until 2023, when the Library’s current bond expires and the new bond takes effect. Eagle and Union residents will see an approximate two-cent increase over what they are currently paying. For example, residents who own a home with an adjusted assessed value of $200,000 will see an increase between $5 and $15 annually.

Finally, homeowners in Worth, Eagle, and Union Townships who have already met their tax cap will not see an overall increase in their property taxes. Some of their tax dollars paid will be redistributed from other taxing agencies.

*All included tax examples assume the following mortgage deductions have been applied: homestead deduction, supplemental homestead deduction and mortgage deduction. The annual Library tax is then calculated based on the resulting net assessed home value.

Where will the branch be built?

The new branch will be located at 6310 E. Albert S. White Drive, Whitestown, IN, currently the home of Walker Park and Nature Trail. Made possible through a generous land donation by the Town of Whitestown, the site is a central, visible location that meets all of the top location and accessibility needs identified by the community.

How can a Worth Township Resident get a Library Card?

Residents may bring their ID, listing their current home address, to the Library to get a card for themselves. If your
current ID does not list your address, please also bring an official document listing your name and current address, such
as a bank statement or utility bill. Online applications are also accepted at

What will the new branch include?

The new branch will be a full-service branch, with a variety of spaces, programs and services to meet expectations and needs identified by the community. A few highlights include:

  • Designated children, adult and teen areas
  • Quiet study rooms and spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor reading and program spaces
  • A community meeting room, with after-hours access, will be available for large gatherings and public rental.
  • Programs and dedicated staff

How will HMMPL serve Worth Township before the branch officially opens?

Every member of the household in Worth Township can now obtain a HMMPL Library card and enjoy access to the full range of available Library services at the Zionsville location and through the Bookmobile.

The Library will be attending several Town of Whitestown events and will work with the schools and community organizations to provide special programming opportunities for residents. The new bookmobile also provides opportunities to borrow materials or attend programs during scheduled stops, homebound deliveries and offsite events in the area. Click here to see the most recent bookmobile schedule.

Who can use the new library branch?

The new branch will be available for all Library cardholders and area visitors, regardless of where they reside.

How can I get involved or express opinions about what I would like to see in a new Library branch?

Those with questions can always send us a message at You can also reach out to our Worth Branch Advisory Group by completing the form below.

Get Involved

Ask a question or share your thoughts with our Worth Branch Advisory Group by completing the form below or sending an email to

Meet our Advisory Team

Jim Baldwin | Worth Township Trustee
Mary Dickerson | Lebanon Community Schools
Kevin Jordan | Member-at-Large
Ken Newell | Boone County Commissioners
Lori Voorhis | Worth Township Trustee
Sharon Walker | Boone County Council
Julie Whitman | Whitestown Town Council

Get Involved

Ask a question or share your thoughts with our Worth Branch Advisory Group by completing the form below or sending an email to


Jim and his family have lived in Worth Township since May 2005. His two sons attend Lebanon High School and Jim serves as the Worth Township Trustee. He is also a manufacturing/project engineer at C.F. Roark Welding & Engineering in Brownsburg, IN.

“I love the library because of the wealth of resources available to the community. It is not just books anymore! I am excited about the new branch not only because it will make accessing these resources easier for the residents of Worth Township, but it will be a great community gathering point for all types of programs, as well as a place for people to meet and just visit.”


Bio coming soon


Cheryl serves as a precertification coordinator for Urology of Indiana. She and her husband, Mike, have been active members of the Whitestown Community for nearly 25 years. Cheryl loves genealogy and reading and is excited for the new HMMPL Whitestown Branch.

“I feel that having a library in our community will be a great thing. It will have activities and events for the children in our community and a safe place for them to learn. I have three grandchildren that live not far from the new branch and can’t wait to bring them there.”


Kevin is a five-year resident of Whitestown and a manager at UnitedHealthcare.

“I have always been fascinated by how a Library is the center of the community, serving each member in a different way. You can learn something new, meet new people, get connected, start a new hobby, use resources for school, find a space for kids to play; the list seems endless and the library serves as a catalyst for those needs and more.  I believe the new location will enhance the member experience in a variety of ways, some subtle and some in more highly anticipated ways. Plus, members will be able to enjoy a commute that may be shorter and/or more convenient for them.”


Ken is a senior infrastructure engineer for Ingram Micro. He and his wife moved to Walker Farms in 2009 and then into Whitestown’s Legacy Core in 2015.

“I’m a fan of the more modern library movement as a ‘second space’ where people from a community can gather, find common interests, learn from each other, and better themselves as well as their ties to their community.
I’m excited about this project because it gives us a chance to build a branch that will hopefully be shaped by our community and bring together a variety of different needs, uses, and interests where we can all find common ground in learning and working together to make ourselves and our town a better place.”


Jon has lived in the Whitestown and Lebanon community for approximately 25 years. For the past 23 years he has served as Fire Marshal for Lucas Oil, Gainbridge Fieldhouse and the Indiana State Fairgrounds and has served on local and state library boards.

I’m so excited to participate in this process of bringing a Library Branch to Whitestown. The citizens especially the children and students of both Zionsville and Lebanon school districts will benefit in countless educational ways and opportunities not only for today, but the future.”


Sharon is a retired Realtor who has served on multiple boards in Boone County. She is currently a Young Living Essential Oils Consultant who continues to actively volunteer in the community. She has lived in Whitestown/Worth Township for 68 years.

“A Library represents knowledge to me. I never want to stop learning and growing. Libraries today provide so many learning experiences through their programs and services. The variety of media offered is so much more extensive than it has ever been. All ages are able to benefit from having access to a Library.

You’ve heard it said that ‘Timing is Everything.’  Our time is now. As the Worth Township Trustee/Assessor in the late 80’s and early 90’s it was a goal to be able build a Library. We have been given a great opportunity to finally get a Library Building of our own. I’m so excited about this that I can barely contain myself.”


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