Library Part of the Zionsville Butterfly Trail

Library Part of the Zionsville Butterfly Trail

The Library has wings!  You may have noticed a set of uniquely painted large-scale butterfly wings installed in the Library’s 5th Street lawn.  This installation is part of Zionsville’s Butterfly Trail!  The complete Butterfly Trail consists of 8 sets of wings scattered throughout the Zionsville community and parks.  Each set is custom designed and painted by a local artist!  We are excited to be a part of this interactive outdoor art experience!

About the Library’s Wings

Our very own graphic artist, Mary Gillot, is the artist behind the Library’s wings!  The theme of the Library’s wings is “Let the Library Be Your Nightlight”.  The intent is to show how the library continues to offer many helpful resources, even after hours. The night scene includes local nocturnal flora and fauna, featuring a laptop configured as an lo Moth, a smartphone with a Polyphemus Moth, and a book with a Luna Moth.  Furthering the nocturnal theme, Gillot used glow in the dark paint and ultraviolet paint in the design and UV lights will illuminate the wings at night!  Amazing and cool!

Inspiration behind The Butterfly Trail

According to the Zionsville Parks and Recreation Department, the Butterfly Trail is “inspired by the Town of Zionsville’s commitment to the National Wildlife Federation Mayors’ Monarch Pledge and a celebration of the Town’s conservation and environmental education efforts.”  To view the full story about the trail, see a map of wing locations around town and read about the artists and inspiration behind each set of wings, visit this online pamphlet.

The wings are meant to be appreciated for their artistry and serve as a pretty great backdrop for photos!  If you snap a photo in front of the Library’s wings…day or night…make sure to tag us on social media or share it with us!  You can use the Butterfly Trail’s unique hashtag #zbutterflytrail, as well!  

The Butterfly Trail will be on display through July 31, 2022.