New Model Train Thanks to Several Contributors

New Model Train Thanks to Several Contributors

Have you been in the Youth department and seen our new train display? This wonderful exhibit is delighting young and old, thanks to the following organizations and individuals:

    • The Friends of the Library 
    • The Train Guys: Michael, Bill, and Brian
    • Cardinal Manufacturing Company, Incorporated

Funding from the Friends of the Library

Our Friends of the HMMPL Library sponsored this project, which began back in 2019, paying for the display case and current train and the Polar Express Train (which will display November 2021 – January 2022)! 

For more information about joining the Friends of the Library, go here. To contribute to the Friends fundraisers, watch for their Book Sales and other events on our Events calendar.

Who Are the Train Guys?

Brian Hull has led several Makerspace programs at the library and was commissioned to build the display case for the original simple Polar Express train display in 2019. Prior to 2019, we had an oval train track, a mountain, and some snow covered buildings that we displayed over the holidays. When this previous train stopped working, Brian suggested we could build a more detailed display, and he just happened to know some knowledgeable train guys who would enjoy doing it.

 Brian, Bill McClannahan, and Bill’s brother, Michael McClannahan, met in July 2020 to brainstorm how to build a new display for the Polar Express exhibit. Over the course of several weeks and months, in Bill’s garage, the three of them created the display case, the platform, and the design. They carefully transported their creation and set it up in our Youth Services department.

If you have been in the library over 2020 and 2021, you have likely witnessed the gradual evolution of our current display, which is a result of Brian, Bill, and Mike’s fabulous craftsmanship and hours of love.

An Extra Special Thank You

Since the initial setup of the train display, Michael McClannahan has dedicated hours and hours (literally) of artistic, electrical, and train maintenance. He has spent almost as many hours talking with children, their parents, and anyone else who is interested in trains.

Watch our Events calendar for the I Spy Around the Track opportunities when “Train Guy Mike” will be available to talk with you about anything trains.

I Spy Around the Track Signage

An extra special thank you to Cardinal Manufacturing Company, Incorporated for donating and installing our train sign! The Mulligan family, owners of Cardinal Manufacturing, visited the library while the train display was being put together, noticed we needed a sign to highlight the new library feature, and generously offered to supply it. 

Generous Community

We are so thankful for the generosity of these many people and organizations. It is a very happy train!