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Busy Bags to the Rescue!

Busy Bags to the Rescue!

Sitting in a waiting room with a toddler or preschooler can suck the joy out of the most patient parent. Those kiddos want to run free, let loose, and have their way. And the more they’re restrained, the harder the plight.

This is where a Busy Bag can save the day. Busy Bags are small, portable, simple-yet-engaging activities that focus your little ones’ attentions so much that the wiggles are all but forgotten. And Busy Bag activities are often great for teaching early literacy skills. And when early literacy skills are involved, the Library isn’t far behind.

The Library offers a Busy Bag program where, for a $10 membership to the Friends of the Library, a parent or grandparent can come to a workshop-type event and assemble everything needed to fill a tote bag with 12 different busy bag activities. The Friends of the Library will provide all needed supplies in 12 self-serve stations. A staff member will be on hand to help, as needed.

Register today for Busy Bags, Thursday, January 31, from 6:30 – 8:30pm. (This is an adult program only; no childcare is provided).