Building Excitement

Building Excitement


Since our September update, the views at the HMMPL Whitestown Branch construction site have changed quite a bit!  Read on to learn how the site will continue to evolve over the coming weeks!

The construction team began erecting steel structure, which is quiet the visual change to the site’s landscape! The steel will continue to go up over the next couple of weeks with the roof deck going up soon.

Metal studs will go up at the beginning of December with that process taking about six weeks for the outside perimeter. Interior framing will then follow.  The final roof for the structure will go up in January or February.

Electrical lines are being installed and the base of the parking lot lights are done!

The construction trailer will be moved onto the actual site and the current parking area will be torn up in the coming weeks. Gravel will be installed where the new parking lot will be poured at a later date.



Also in October, local community leaders, HMMPL board members and staff, and members of the Worth Branch Advisory Group gathered at the HMMPL Whitestown Branch construction site to sign a steel beam that will be installed and remain visible in a mechanical room in the new building.  

Check out more construction photos in our October Gallery and read news updates on the New Branch Construction Page where you can also view the new branch promotional video, get your FAQs answered, and follow construction progress.